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What’s Old are My Favorite Things

August 2, 2017

Talking Vintage

This dress was an absolute score! I found this on a work trip to Portland. A friend had just visited the store and posted her find at this shop on her social media. I bookmarked it immediately and made a venture to just check it out. I didn’t intend to find the most perfect, unworn, still with tags on perfect 50’s lace pink dress.

After trying on 10+ dresses I started to give up hope I would find anything, but I still had a pink lace number left to try . Filled with a bit of despair I put on the pink dress and was in awe when it zipped up! I turned around to the mirror and my jaw hit the floor. Perfect in every way! Almost as if it was made for me!! I didn’t even care how much it was, it had to be mine. It was almost $100 but I have worn it countless times.

I have done a lot of vintage shopping over the years. Through all the ups and downs of finding your perfect dress, I have come up with a few tips that will help you find your dream vintage dress too. πŸ™‚

Here are my top tips when shopping vintage clothing:

  1. Check the garment to see if there are any visible damages. You want to make sure to triple check everywhere on the garment!!! Turn that puppy all sorts of ways to inspect it thoroughly. You don’t want to get home and discover a hole or a broken zipper. Been there and it is not fun, total bummer town. Β 
  2. Try it on!! Remember you can always alter to make it smaller to fit your curves but taking it out is a different story entirely. Make sure that the zipper works and it is a perfect time to quadruple check there aren’t any holes/staining/weirdness.Β 
  3. Always a good idea to measure yourself and get an accurate idea of bust, waist, hips before shopping and throw in that tape measure in your purse. Most good vintage shops will have at least the waist measurement on the garment. This can be extremely helpful in deciding what to try on. But in some cases you might need to whip out that measuring tape and do a flat measurement to double check. Will save you so much time trying things on! You don’t want to take it in and get your hopes up!Β 
  4. Β Talk to the owner and ask them how they are doing, be friendly!! You never know if you will fall in love with a piece and when you ask for a discount they give it to you! I have found if you are kind and friendly they are more than welcome to shoot you a deal even if it is a couple of bucks off.Β 
  5. Go back to your favorite shops frequently or once you have talked to the owner ask when she usually puts out new inventory. This friendship will go very far and the more they like you the more they will be willing to extend some favors. I have even had some shop owners set aside things for me in my general size once they got them in! You never know you might even make a new buddy, general theme to life is be nice to everyone!! πŸ™‚Β 

Stay fabulous and utterly you!



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